Marriott 'See Beyond'

DoP Work

This film was one of the most ambitious and exciting projects I had the fortune of working on to date. A combination of 3 crews shooting in 7 different countries simultaneously all for one large promotional video. Headed up by the team at Aspect I was lucky enough to be sent out to South Africa and Morocco  with a director and a camera assistant for a week each to shoot some of the best things to see in the area. this project is a great example of meticulous pre planning as the director and producer spent a lot of time choosing which locations would potentially offer us the best moments. Once we were actually shooting it we had to quickly work out what the best way to shoot the places would be and what story it would tell. We shot on a combination of handheld for the energetic moments and Movi Pro for the moments of reflection, which I think really helped to give this piece the rise and fall in pace that makes it stand out. 

Production company: Aspect Film and Video

Director: Sam Buchanan

Cam Assist: Camilla Carlow

Other DOPs: Tom German, Nick Wilding